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Sinkhole risk assessment in the metropolitan area of Napoli, Italy

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There is a myriad of animals that are associated with New York City. Pigeons in Central Park, alligators in the sewers, tigers in Harlem, and rats in the subway tunnels. However, the rats seem to be becoming bolder and are venturing...
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17 Aug

Map of the Week: The Great American Eclipse

  The Great American Eclipse, as it’s being called, is a solar eclipse that will occur over the United States mainland on Monday, August 21st. It will be a total eclipse that will be viewable to some degree across the...
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27 Jul

Map of the Week: Beware of Lyme Disease

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, black legged and deer ticks have invaded new areas across the United States, carrying Lyme Disease into places it has not existed before. Researcher Rebecca Eisen at the CDC said “even...
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20 Jul

July’s Mapping Contest Winner

Denver, Colorado has the reputation of being the “Mile-High City” due to its elevation in the Rocky Mountains. But just how much of Denver actually is over a mile above sea-level? Grant Garstka, with the City and County of Denver, Technology Services,...
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13 Jul

Map of the Week: The Land of Chocolate

Chocolate, made from the cocoa bean, is the world’s favorite sweet. Cocoa and chocolate have influenced the world more than most realize. The lure of sweet cocoa seeds was a primary incentive for European powers to pursue colonial interests in the...
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6 Jul

Map of the Week: I Scream for Ice Cream

With the summer months come beach weather, traveling, and best of all, ice cream. July is nationally recognized as Ice Cream Month, and the United States is showing its love for the cold and sweet treat by talking about their...
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29 Jun

AGS Mapping Contest

Attention mapping enthusiasts! “Maps play many roles. Including helping people understand and travel, helping cities manage growth and control crime, and helping nations defend themselves and get along. By making our own maps we can plan vacations, tell stories, and...
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22 Jun

Map of the Week: Noise Complaints for Parties in New York City

New York City is known for a lot. Business, fashion, science, and entertainment are all associated with New York. One thing that New York is NOT thought of, however, is peace and quiet. From construction to emergency sirens to some...
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15 Jun

June’s Mapping Contest Winner

    The American Geographical Society is pleased to present this month’s Map Contest winner Donna David and her map entitled “Detroit: Industrial Ruins, Temples of Commerce.” The AGS chose this map due its artistic style, creative freedom, and unique...
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8 Jun

Map of the Week: Graduation vs. Unemployment Rates

  Many colleges and universities have their commencement ceremonies in June and release their new graduates out into the working world.  However, there sometimes aren’t any jobs waiting for these grads. Some graduates are highly skilled in one specific field...
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1 Jun

Map of the Week: Why are there so many maps?

  From the moment humans first began exploring the planet, maps have been a ubiquitous aspect of our existence. Maps exist in all cultures and facets of society and can greatly help or hinder our understanding of the world. Throughout these...
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25 May

Map of the Week: Where Love is Legal

  “Hope will never be silent.” These are the immortal words of Harvey Milk, a gay-rights activist and the first openly gay man to be elected to a public office in the United States. Working in San Francisco, Milk was...
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18 May

May’s Mapping Contest Winner

“This Denali panorama was inspired by Austrian landscape panoramist and cartographer Heinrich Berann. The 2016 renaming of North America’s highest peak to its Alaska Native name, meaning “the great one,” motivated this map. The grandness of Denali and rugged expansiveness...
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11 May

Map of the Week: Endangered Species

The Earth is currently losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 the natural rate, according to estimates from the Center for Biological Diversity. This massive escalation in endangerment and extinction means that habitats around the world stand to lose critical species...
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13 Apr

Map of the Week: Flower Power in Fifty States

Today, April 13th, is International Plant Appreciation Day! In honor of this global holiday, we explore the flora appreciated in each of the USA’s 50 states. Flower’s are starting to bloom all around the country, which one is special to...
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